Want to work with the herd?

We'd love to meet you and we have all sorts of needs — it takes a village to raise a herd. Please take a minute and introduce yourself. There's no wrong answer to ANY of these questions, but answers will help how we can best put your talents and interests to work. 

Name *
In what capacity would you like to help?
No judgement either way. We have to ask, but are open to people from all walks.
We have to ask, but as we said, we are open to people from all walks.
What is your date of birth?
What is your date of birth?
We've worked with people from teenagers to middle aged – we welcome all ages.
There's no wrong answer.
We can typically predict when the goats will finish clearing a property +/- 1 day. Meaning, we may think they'll finish Wednesday, but that could end up being Tuesday or Thursday. Or sometimes weather gets in the way of a set up. It is difficult for us to give an exact schedule for our set ups and moves, but we do have other aspects we can offer with some predictability.
Being involved with our set ups and moves can be very laborious, although we do have other needs that are less labor-intensive.
Say hi! What's your favorite beer? Your most interesting hobby? Red Wagon Goats is a family business, and we treat our helpers like family.
References are not required for all positions, but if you'd like to share yours, please give us their name(s), email or phone number and relationship to you below.