It all started with a man and his goat

After discussing how to handle a backyard full of english ivy and poison ivy —wanting to keep the backyard chemical free, Jason talked Megan into getting a goat. Enter Sir Robert McGee in June 2016, the spotted Spanish goat the whole neighborhood came to love on his wagon walks he eventually learned to like to go on walks on his harness as a result.) 

But as any goat owner will tell you, there's no such thing as owning a goat—they are herd animals and will be quite angsty when alone. They quickly acquired Emmylou and Sheeba, their sweet dwarf does. It wasn't long before friends were asking to use the goats in their yards, and Jason and Megan knew it was time to spread their passion for goats and chemical-free weed management



Our Mission

Red Wagon Goats is a company made up of fun-loving (but hard-working) goats and the humans that love them. We want to offer a sustainable and rewarding approach to clearing overgrown landscapes. Our promise is to provide excellent care to our goats; quality service and affordable solutions to our community; to do our part in leaving a healthy environment for future generations to inherit; and to be good stewards of our planet.