Thanks for stopping by! Looking for goat yoga? We are currently hosting events several weekends a month. To be notified when we add events, sign up here

Want to rent goats to tame an unruly property? We're currently only servicing yards with fences over five feet while we work on engineering a stronger, more reliable portable set up so we can give a better overall experience. If you'd like to get on the wait list, please fill out this form and email us photos of your property and perimeter/fence to with your address in the subject. 


If you'd like to book us for a private goat yoga party, please inquire here

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Interested in renting goats?

Fill out the form and email photosof the property to with your property address in the subject line. Give us some variety β€” a close up view of what type of foliage, a panned out view or panorama of the full area, as well as photos of the perimeters or fencing. You're also welcome to send video!

What to help with the goats?

We have both paid and volunteer positions available. Apply here


Get in touch directly

For rentals and party inquiries, please follow the process outlined above. We do not do estimates over the phone. Once we receive your inquiry and email with property photos, we will answer all questions and provide a written estimate.

for emergencies pertaining to the goats please text our personal cell: