Thank you for your interest! We service Metro Atlanta, and are typically booked 2 weeks to 2 months out. Please allow 1-2 weeks after submitting request and emailing property photos to receive your estimate. If you are unsure if renting goats is right for you, please check out our FAQ on our Goat Rentals Page.

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For fence height please let us know the height in the fence's SHORTEST area
If you have fencing, please describe the condition, material, any rotten places we may need to replace or cover. If you don't have fencing or have fencing under 4 ft, please tell us about the perimeter so we know what to expect when installing our electric fencing. Will we need to clear brush to get through, is it hilly, is there a creek, etc?
Please let us know a rough estimate of the size (such as 50 ftx100 ft), if you're residential or commercial, the type of foliage you have (height and density), the lay of the land, your goals or concerns for the area, etc. The more details we have, the more accurate our estimate will be!
Toxic plant species, snakes, coyotes, holes, hornets, etc.
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